National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is a healing justice organization actively working to transform mental health for queer and trans Black, Indigenous and People of Color (QTBIPOC).


We envision a world where all people have access to health and healing resources rooted in healing justice and collective liberation to recover from trauma, violence, and systemic oppression. Through political education and field building, we work to create a future where health, mental health, and healing practitioners build power to intervene against the harm perpetuated by the medical-industrial complex while actively creating new liberatory ecosystems of care for our communities. We envision a world where our movement organizations are more resilient and strategic with the tools to navigate and collectively heal from violence, trauma, crisis, and uncertainty by organizing with politicized health and healing practitioners aligned with healing justice.


We commit to offering exquisite care for Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous and People of Color rooted in our inherent dignity and worth. We know that many QTBIPOC are systematically denied access to resources for their basic needs, thereby we invest time, intention and financial resources to tend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our members, staff and advisory board.

We believe that trust is at the foundation of any generative and supportive relationship. As such, we commit to centering our relationships in our work and actively building trust to ensure we can rely on one another for support and accountability.

We acknowledge the ways that ableism, capitalism and white supremacy have interrupted many of our care and mutual aid traditions. We commit to learning and practicing new ways of being in relationship to one another based on mutual care and support to intervene in the isolation and neglect many of us experience as QTBIPOC.

Doing the work of radical change and transformation is both difficult and inspiring. We commit to being courageous in our efforts to address things that need to change within and around us individually as well as collectively. We honor our inherent wisdom as well as the places where we are still learning. We believe humility is a way to show respect for ourselves and others by recognizing our gifts while simultaneously being open to growth and transformation.

We recognize that all of our actions have consequences. We believe that to take responsibility for our harmful impacts or when we fall out of alignment, we must be honest, authentic as well as open and compassionate with ourselves and those who have been impacted by our behaviors. We strive for impeccable integrity because we know this is the foundation for building trust.

We acknowledge that healing is an iterative process, tending to our experiences of suffering. We believe that healing must be self-determined and rooted in consent. We recognize that each person’s healing journey is different and may involve working with practitioners, community, spiritual traditions, religious organizations and/or individuals. Healing is a process of generation and regeneration that brings us home to ourselves, our experience, and our dignity.

We strive to create a culture in which we are no longer hindered by or complicit with systems of oppression and structural violence. We commit to a mindset of abundance and possibility — rather than one of scarcity. We understand that this will require daily work– the fruits of which will be fully expressed and actualized in communities founded upon creativity, interdependence and justice.

We envision a future in which QTBIPOC are in right relationship to the planet and our people, and have access to the material and spiritual resources to fulfill our purpose. In order to achieve this, we must actively create the world we want to see by moving beyond what is possible. We strive to be bold and dream ourselves into the future.