For QTBIPOC Mental Health Practitioners Only

Created in June 2016, our QTBIPOC Mental Health Practitioner Directory is an interactive digital resource on our website that helps our community locate QTBIPOC mental health practitioners across the country.   


Todos los profesionales que figuran en el directorio deben:

1.  Identify as a queer, trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, bisexual, lesbian and/or gay Black, Indigenous or Person of Color.

2.  Be a trained, licensed, or certified mental health practitioner working in a community mental health organization, healthcare/medical clinic, counseling center, and/or private practice. Practitioners in training are welcome to list their services as well as long as they are supervised by a licensed practitioner. At this time, we are not listing other QTBIPOC healing practitioners in the directory; however, we are working on a strategy to connect these practitioners to QTBIPOC seeking services as well.

3.  Understand that being listed in the directory in and of itself will disclose your identity as a QTBIPOC. Your specific identity information (race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation) will be shared to assist people seeking services unless you notify us otherwise. Please consider the level of personal and professional risk you are willing to take by being listed in our practitioner directory.

4. Become a member of NQTTCN and join hundreds of BIPOC & QTBIPOC organizers and practitioners committed to healing justice.