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Theory of Liberation


Healing Justice is...

  • anti-capitalist and abolitionist.
  • a requirement for revolutionary change. Our movements for liberation have always included strategies for care, protection, safety, and healing. Healing Justice is a requirement for our collective liberation.
  • a strategy for movements and practitioners to transform trauma. Our movements require politicized health and healing practitioners as well as organizers committed to transforming trauma and its impacts on our liberation movements.
  • an intervention to disrupt the medical industrial complex (MIC). Healing justice is not possible without a strong analysis of and commitment to disrupting all carceral care intervention as well as the following movements and political frameworks: disability justice, environmental justice, harm reduction, reproductive justice, and transformative justice.
  • a call for practitioners to take their role in movement. Health and healing practitioners can and should learn to organize. They have a role to play in both movement building as well as structure interventions in the medical industrial complex. There is a rich history of practitioners holding inside/outside strategies in political liberation work.


Our Core Strategies & Interventions

  • Organize health practitioners and healers to develop their healing justice practice and analysis in order to disrupt the medical complex and engage in movement building.
  • Build narrative power in order to disrupt co-optation and amplify the true political-spiritual lineage, framework and practice that is healing justice.
  • Increase movement organizations’ resilience and power to confront state violence and tend to collective trauma by equipping them with an analysis of the healing justice framework and aligned practitioners; that way, when movement organizations must respond to trauma and its impact on organizing, they are resourced with the principled care and safety strategies to stay the course and get us all free.