General FAQ

What is the mental health fund?

The MHF provides financial assistance to queer and trans Black, Indigenous and People of Color to increase access to mental health support for QTBIPOC by QTBIPOC.

How does this work?

The Mental Health Fund provides financial support for up to 8 sessions with a psychotherapist. Applicants can request up to $100 per session.

For Applicants

When can I apply?

  • Applications will be open again March 1-March 31, 2023
  • Applicants will be notified within 30 days of the application closing, as to whether or not they will receive the award.

Who can apply?

You may apply if you:

  • Identify as a queer and/or trans Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color
  • Live in the United States
  • Have a psychotherapist* who has agreed to participate in this program
  • Require financial assistance to pay for psychotherapy

*Licensed and pre-licensed mental health practitioners only

How will my therapist receive funds?

Upon acceptance, awardees and practitioners will have two-weeks to complete the documents to begin the award period. The therapist will then submit a monthly invoice for payment. We will pay the therapist directly for the awarded sessions invoiced for. Clients will not need to be involved in the payment process after signing the award agreement documents.

For Therapists

When can clients schedule sessions?

The award period begins on the date listed on your Third Party Payor form. Once fully signed you can begin invoicing for sessions.

How do therapists get paid?

  • Invoicing is done via a portal on our website. You can submit your invoices, W-9 and Electronic Payment  forms all in one place. Only electronic payments issued at this time
  • Don’t invoice for sessions that have no yet occurred or are outside of award period

What if the award is less than that of my session rate?

If psychotherapy rates exceed that of the award per session, the practitioner will need to collect the remainder of payment directly from the client.

What if the client changes therapists?

If your client changes therapists, they and their new practitioner will need to complete documentation to bill for the outstanding sessions. Please invoice for any sessions you completed with the client within the award period. The remaining sessions can be transferred to their new therapist.

Who can answer my questions?

Please email with any questions or for general support.

Support Hours:

Therapists will also have the option to sign up for support hours in case there are any questions regarding the Mental Health Fund process. Support hours will begin in early April 2023 and you can sign up for a 15-minute slot using this link.

Support hours are Monday-Friday 12-2pm PST / 3-5pm EST. Support will be offered through Google Meets for 1:1 time with an NQTTCN team member.

For Awardees

What happens now?

Awardees and practitioners will need to complete a Third-Party Payor form to begin the award period. You will receive the form via DocuSign first, then your therapist will sign, then NQTTCN will distribute the fully signed agreement.

When can I schedule therapy?

Your eight sessions must be scheduled within the 16-week award period.

What do I need to do after the forms are signed?

NQTTCN will pay the therapist the awarded amount directly, you do not have to reach out to NQTTCN to pay your practitioner.

What if I no longer have need for the award?

If none of the eight sessions awarded have been utilized within 30 days, the funding awarded may be redistributed back into the Mental Health Fund for other applicants.

What if I need more time?

Extension of award periods can be made in special circumstances, please reach out to to request an extension.

What if I need a new therapist?

If you need to change therapists, your new therapist will need to agree to the terms of the program and sign a Third Party Payor Agreement form. You’ll need to notify us via email about the change in practitioner, as soon as you make your change of therapist, so that we can send out the new documents for signature.

What if I need a new therapist, but I need more time to find a new one?

Email us that you are searching for a new therapist. You will be given two weeks to complete that search. Once the search is complete, we will need all of your new therapist’s information to send out the necessary documents. If you need support to find a new therapist, please email us at or check out our directory.

Application deadline: March 31, 2023