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A graphic illustration of the political frameworks that HJ is rooted in, which is written at the top (“Political Frameworks”). In the middle, “Healing Justice” is written in a black circle, surrounded by five rectangular shapes that read, “Reproductive Justice,” “Disability Justice,” “Environmental Justice,” “Harm Reduction,” and “Transformative Justice.” Each produces a single thread that is interwoven together with all the other threads, encircling the healing justice core. Text at the bottom reads, “seeks to intervene on generational trauma to build collective power towards resistance.”
[Illustration by Claudia Lopez]

What Is Healing Justice?

Healing Justice (HJ) is a political-spiritual framework that aims to interrupt and transform historical cycles of violence and trauma within our communities. HJ aims to create collective models of care and safety in order to build power to resist the medical industrial complex and the criminalization of our ancestral traditions. 

HJ is rooted in disability justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, transformative justice, and harm reduction, as well as traditions of resistance and resilience of Black, Indigenous and People of Color, poor people, disabled people, women, femmes, and queer, trans and intersex people.

HJ is our collective birthright that the ancestors fought and died for; it must be re-imagined in order to free our hearts, minds, and movements.

Our Lineage

Healing Justice, a political framework conceived in 2005 by Cara Page and the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective, comes directly out of many years of organizing and movement building led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color organizers and healers in the Southeast region of the United States. Although the framework of healing justice is relatively new, our communities have always had ancestral and cultural traditions to respond to violence, harm, trauma, grief and crisis as well as traditions to build our collective resistance and resilience.

We honor our place in the lineage of healing justice and commit to sharing the history and lineage as we are learning to ensure that the brilliance, wisdom and labor of Black and other women, femmes, and queer and trans People of Color is not erased, co-opted and misused. 

For more information about healing justice and the movement and political frameworks it’s founded upon, check out the Healing Justice Lineages Anthology, Listening and Cultural Memory Tour and Digital Archive.